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PowerTower 7200

Eyes gazing beyond the horizon and looking upon the sunset, only this crowd of sun worshippers knows the secret of the perfectly tanned body. Stepping in the PowerTower 7200 is like entering an idyllic and carefree world. Feeling the pleasant warmth of the sun accompanied by a soft and soothing summer breeze, makes you forget all your worries. And later, when you walk out the tanning studio, feeling on top of the world and ready to take on yet another blissful challenge, your sensational seamless tan is like a magnet for the opposite sex.

General Specifications

(42) Sunfit XL+ 180W (190cm) Lamps (Body Lamps)

Max. Exposure Time: 15 Minutes Colors: XtremeOrange (XOM), IceBlue (IBM), RoyalBlue (RBM)

Bodycoolers: Topcooler

General Information

Power Supply: 1phase -220V/60Hz + Ground

Amerage: 40A

Breaker Size: 50 A (slow) recommended

Wire Size: 8 AWG recommended

Buck/Booster(s): 1.5 kVA(16/32)

Bed Features

Integrated Stereo Speakers (in the top bodycooler)

Connection for iPod/MP3 Players

Solar Control Timer System

Changing Cubicle (optional)

Tanning Tanning